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The Vanguard Project

In this article I will be going through the figures for the vanguard military.  I will show you how many planets they own, how many are allied with them, how many troops, how many ships, and how many allied military is at their disposal.  I hope you enjoy the article and I am sure you will be blown away by the stats.  Enjoy! Read More →

OK guys, I wanted to fix a few things as I have gone back and read some articles and decided to change some stuff as I do not agree with what I wrote or some of the stuff needs major fixing due to errors on my part.  I might include the original articles next to each edit but not really sure as I am feeling lazy (sorry lol) and don’t want to look up the articles.  But, we’ll see what happens.  Enjoy! Read More →

My cousin kept asking me how come I don’t have any myths or lore for my story so I figured I’d come up with some and this is my first piece.  I was going for happy and somehow made it sad but I will aim for happy next time.  This is about a Vanguard soldier who only wanted the love of a woman called Lilianna.  But sadly, he could never get it and well…Read the story Read More →