OK guys, I wanted to fix a few things as I have gone back and read some articles and decided to change some stuff as I do not agree with what I wrote or some of the stuff needs major fixing due to errors on my part.  I might include the original articles next to each edit but not really sure as I am feeling lazy (sorry lol) and don’t want to look up the articles.  But, we’ll see what happens.  Enjoy! Read More →

My cousin kept asking me how come I don’t have any myths or lore for my story so I figured I’d come up with some and this is my first piece.  I was going for happy and somehow made it sad but I will aim for happy next time.  This is about a Vanguard soldier who only wanted the love of a woman called Lilianna.  But sadly, he could never get it and well…Read the story Read More →

Hello guys, sorry for the lack of updates.  I am almost done with chapter 2 of the book but for now I will be focusing on that so if you don’t see updates sorry but there is nothing to really update you about lol  I will be using facebook more though to update you guys as I don’t feel a blog post is needed for small updates.  So, if you are not a fan already, please check out the fan page!!

I am working on getting some extra cash so I can get some concept art done.  My goal is to have a soldier concept, ship concept, book concept, and weapons concept made before the book launches.  But, at minimum, I will have the soldier and book cover concepts done.  If you guys would like to help me out by donating or if you are an artist and would like to get featured in my credits section in the front and back of the book please contact me.  I will include some examples of artists I currently like to give you an idea of my style of art I am looking for and the style of concepts I will be looking for as well.

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Book Cover Example style 1

Book Cover Example style 2

Vanguard Self Portraits Concept style 1



Here is the first chapter of the book.  I hope you all enjoy it and as always please report any errors you see.  I type so fast that I don’t see them and when I re-read over what I wrote my brain fixes the errors for me because I know what should be there.  Trick of the brain.   Also, this chapter is going to be free as I would like you guys to get a feel of the book and my hope is that you guys will get hooked and tell all your friends and family.  By the time I complete the book I’d hope to see at least a few people waiting in line for it.  Also, one last thing, if you have any edits or add-ons for the chapter let me know.  If I like it I will add it in, or if it is a suggestion for removal I will remove it.  I take every suggestion seriously.  Enjoy!  :) Read More →

I revised the snippet with the help of an awesome person, you know who you are!  Anyways, hope this version is better and as always, point out any errors or anything you think I should add or remove.  I take all suggestions seriously and of course welcome any errors pointed out so I can correct them.  Read More →