Borderlands 2 finally has a release date, and as the trailer suggests, I’m joy puking my face off! This beauty of an action RPG launches September 18 in North America and September 21 all over the world.

More guns, explosions, abilities- that’s just what guys ranging from 18-35 look for. My only concern is this: why not just expand on the first game? 2K could have added more parts to Pandora, along with new enemies and weapons. It just seems like Borderlands would be the type of game that would just keep growing and changing as time goes on. Anyway, enough of my ranting… enjoy the trailer below!

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5 Thoughts on “Borderlands 2 Release Date

  1. I really can’t wait for borderlands 2 to come out. I loved the first one even though the replay value was shit. I hope they fixed that problem in this one. Of course, due to my budget I will most likely buy this game 6-8 months after it is released. Hopefully the DLCs will come with it when it’s time to buy :)

  2. This game actually has decent DLC attached to it. Re playability was a factor for me, too, but I’m hoping this one doesn’t have the same issue. Also, the ending was a bit lame. You really didn’t get much out of it…

  3. Well, if it has a decent DLC with it then I reall can’t wait! Yeah the ending on the first one was kind of lame.

  4. I haven’t played Borderlands but from what my friends say its an awesome RPG game with FPS elements which sounds pretty exciting to me. I may go and buy this game after I finish the first one :)

  5. NewDCD on April 3, 2012 at 1:07 pm said:

    Borderlands is a rather enjoyable game, indeed! I’m hoping this version fixes some of my complaints with the first, though, the main being the lack of a push to talk key and having a perpetually open microphone instead. Still, playing this game with friends is a blast! I’ll think I’ll wait for Christmas to purchase it, though, it’ll probably go on sale then.

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