Hello All!  A user asked me about vanguard punishments since vanguard don’t break their own laws or use prisons.  The user was curious as to how vanguard deal with other races that they either conquered or own (vassals).  Well, I hope this article clears it up and remember, please help me out by sharing the page!  We have a contest going on as well, click HERE to win $20! Contest ends December 31st, Winners announced January 1st.

Vanguards do not own or operate prisons.  Vanguard vassals may operate prisons as vanguards only impose half of their laws onto a vassal and let the vassal operate their own set of laws.  Only main laws get imposed, laws about treason, money, military, etc are laws that the vanguard require.  Laws about stealing, food, disobedience, etc are relaxed and the vassal can determine these. But, the vanguard always impose 100% of their laws if a crime was committed in front of a vanguard citizen or soldier or if a soldier catches a criminal.  The reason for this is because the vanguard don’t want their race exposed to lawlessness.  So when a criminal commits a crime in the vicinity of a vanguard person, the punishment always follows vanguard law.

The vanguard believe that punishments should fit the crime.  The vanguard do not believe in helping a criminal and trying to make them change because they know the majority of criminals won’t change their ways.  The only way to change a person into stopping their criminal tendencies is to make them fear the punishment.  Conquered planets after five years or so have crime down to less than 0.01% globally.  Planets marked as vassals have crime down to 0.12% globally.  Some vassal planets crime stats are even less when an increased vanguard presence is on the planet.  Conquered planets always have an increased presence plus security drones (police). Vanguard Home planets where only vanguards live have 0.0% crime rate.  Crime is unheard of on vanguard home planets.

Some of the vanguard laws and their punishments.

  • Theft – Person loses a finger.  If the person continues to steal, he or she continues to lose fingers. If the person runs out of fingers, toes are next.
  • Murder – Person is put to death for killing of another unless it is self defense. Murder is not tolerated.
  • Rape – Person is put to death after 3 days of torture.  Rape is not tolerated.
  • Adultery – Both parties (Those who took part) are sentenced to death.  Adultery is not tolerated.
  • Financial – Restitution (money or property) or a duel (between the victim and the criminal) is required.  It is up to the victim to decide the outcome.
  • Treason – Person is put to death after 5 days of torture. Treason is not tolerated.
  • Disobedience – First time offense is a warning.  Second offense is time in the chamber (info below). Third offense is death.

If you have any other crimes you are curious about, just ask in the comments and I’ll tell what would happen.  The punishments may be severe to some people, but this is how the vanguard build their societies and planets.  This is why vanguard planets and the people who live on them thrive!  When you can walk out your door and not have to worry about being robbed, killed or raped, you can enjoy your day more and society can grow in a positive way!

* The Chamber or The Field as vanguard call it is a ring the vanguard stands in the middle of with their hands and feet are bound to the sides.  Since vanguard are trained over the course of several years to not feel pain, the only way to punish them is by punishing their souls.  The only part of a vanguard that can’t be trained to ignore pain is their souls.  This device doesn’t harm the body, but targets the vanguard’s soul causing excruciating pain.  Since vanguard are used to not feeling pain, when the process starts it overwhelms the vanguard.  It is an experience no vanguard wishes to experience and would rather die a thousands times than be subjected to The Field for even a few minutes.

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2 Thoughts on “Vanguard Punishments

  1. bailiwick on December 29, 2013 at 11:09 pm said:

    What sort of acts would count as disobedience to the Vanguards? I’m guessing failing to follow a military order for the soldiers, but how about for the civilians?

    How do conquered planets submit to Vanguard justice so quickly? Is there a lot of killing out of the resistance in the initial five years? That seems like the sort of ruling strategy that could backfire on them — are there any conquered planets that still harbor an underground of resentment for having (to them) alien values forced upon them? I mean, the core values of anti-murder/rape/robbery are pretty sound ideas that would be hard to object to; it’s just with the ability of vanguards to impose their own judicial values if something offensive (to them) happens in front of them that’s got me wondering. For instance, with the adultery thing — say open relationships were cool on planet A. If a Vanguard witnessed that and interpreted that as cheating and executed planet A for it, would that be a problem? Something planet A could work out with the Vanguards? Or would the fear of introducing new social concepts to Vanguard society make things like that non-negotiable?

    Sorry, that was kind of a mouthful! I hope I was clear enough considering how much I babbled!

    • Disobedience is anything that would constitute going against orders or laws. Vanguards who question, don’t follow orders, fail to get an order done on time, etc. are considered disobedience. As for civilians, the strictness of it all is not as bad. Civilians can question some stuff and their work active and life style can be relaxed. Vanguards believe in hard work and values and it does cause problems when people don’t adhere to those. Punishment is still the same though as with the military.

      Vanguards when they conquer a planet they normally kill off 30%-40% of the population and about 15%-20% of the population is used for slaves. The rest are allowed to live. This is their punishment for being enemies of the Vanguard empire. Because of the low population, controlling the population is easy. Also, when your captors eliminate 40%-60% of your population, you tend to listen to them. Planets recently conquered are under heavy guard and a massive amount of police drones are activated to guard the planet. Vanguard soldiers are very respectful on other planets. All the movies we’ve seen that involve war shows us what enemy soldiers do to a populace that they invade and conquer but vanguards do not rape or pillage. Vanguards will conquer the planet, and then the army will become like teddy bears lol Being cruel and doing unnecessary things to a populace will only cause problems and will make it difficult to gain order on the planet.

      It is difficult for some cultures to adapt to vanguard life and others sometimes cannot and must be eliminated. But, the vanguard are not that cruel though and will allow a planet and its value to function as if the vanguard were not there. As long as the core values such as rape, murder, etc are maintained, other values from the culture are allowed. This helps in controlling the population.

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