Hello guys, hope you had a good holiday break!  In every culture, there are sports, hobbies, and all-around things that the people of that culture like to do for fun.  Well, the vanguard are no different.  I figured I’d give you an idea of what they do for fun in terms of what we would call sports.  Though, I’m pretty sure we would all love to see some vanguard playing a sport like soccer or football. I think those two sports would really be awesome, especially when the vanguard would probably beat each to a pulp while playing the games lol  But, onto the article!  Enjoy!


As you know, the vanguard love to duel one another as a way to test one’s strength and skill.  The vanguard hate fighting and hate war but are forced to do these things on a daily basis.  But, oddly enough the vanguard enjoy fighting each other for sport.  It is very completed in their logic but who are we to argue with them huh?


Vanguards love to race each other, either by running, or riding a Maran or Almera.  When vanguard race they make it a point to not cheat or use their powers; vanguard simply use the skills they were born with.  While riding a Maran or Almera, some vanguard might change the rules and include fighting.  Majority of the time it involves vanguard shooting energy from their souls at one another.  The reason for only using their energy from their souls is they can control where the blast goes and who it affects.  This helps in making sure their Maran or Almera are not injured during the competition.


Vanguard regular train and hone their skills with vanguard weapons such as pistols and rifles. Vanguard home worlds hold such competitions generally twice a year.  These competitions bring honor to the victor and his family, plus a nice bonus in terms of cash and sometimes property.  On rare occasions, special assignments or ranks are awarded to the victors.  Ranks earn are always one rank above what the person is.  An example would a General winning the competition and getting promoted to Commander.

The Shadows

There is a game that Lord David likes to play. Lord David as you know is the champion of darkness; this means he controls all things death and for a lack of a better word, darkness related.  Lord David is able to create a mist of darkness so thick it is impossible to see through the other side. The mist is actually another reality, Lord David’s mind to be exact.  The creatures and horrors that live within are a secret and only Lord David knows.  However, lord David has joked from time to time that sometimes the darkness surprises him and he finds things and creatures inside that he didn’t know existed or could exist. So, it’s hard to say what awaits you once you enter it.

Now, the game is simple…Go inside and make it back out with your mind intact.  The darkness, once it has its hold on you, will warp your mind and you will never be the same again.  Lord David is able to reverse this process and does so for those that fail, which is everyone as no one has been able to survive the challenge.  The prize for winning is a secret as well, Lord David feels that is the prize is known, people might see it as not worth it, but, if it remains a secret, then those with a weak affinity for curiosity will be drawn to it.

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2 Thoughts on “Vanguard Sports

  1. bailiwick on January 8, 2014 at 4:36 am said:

    Well, I’m definitely most intrigued by the Shadows games! Given how secretive and risky it is to even attempt to get through it, is it looked on with the same cultural importance as the racing, dueling, etc? I mean, given the meat of the game takes place in a shadow-filled alternate reality, it’s not really a spectator-friendly game, right? So, how do the Vanguards regard it? Is it well-known, or a challenge only, say, the military might have heard of?

    I guess my other question would be how organized are these events? Would Vanguard society have any equivalent to our professional sports leagues (or maybe the Olympics) for this stuff, or is it a lot more casual/recreational? It sounds like, for the marksmanship events at least, it’s definitely a government/military run thing, given the prizes, but is the same true for racing and dueling? Would you have duelist/racer/marksmanship “celebrities”?

    Happy New Year, by the way! I hope the writing process is treating you well!

    • Yes, their version of sports is run by committees like we have the NFL, NBA, etc… The military in an effort to find worthy candidates for missions, projects, or positions that have just become available will use the competitions to find worthy soldiers. The war with the haronnen leaves a lot of soldier dead and soldiers with no heirs generally lose their property and any value to the property is given to the government so it can re-purpose the property for another soldier or family.

      There are soldiers who have become celebrities and are well known throughout the empire. But, their numbers are few as like I said above, the war claims many lives.

      The Shadow games doesn’t hold much of a cultural importance. Lord David who you will know in detail later once book 1 is completed is a champion who loves the darkness. The mist simply takes all who enter it, inside Lord David’s mind. His mind is broken and the demons that haunt him live in his mind. The mist reflects this and those who enter have to battle the mist and those that live within. The mist holds thousands of creatures and demons all wanting to escape. Those that enter the mist must resist the mist and its temptations and diversions. For those with a strong mind, navigating the mist isn’t a problem. Those with a weak mind however, don’t last long. The mist can turn the strongest of the vanguards into crying babies left in the fetal position. I will go into detail about the mist and Lord David once book 1 is completed. He is a secret character and I can only give a little away. By far, he is my favorite character and I hope he will be yours too once you meet him :)

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