Hello all, before I go on my Christmas break I wanted to put up an article. The vanguard have a fast empire and you may be wondering how the vanguard supply the power that feeds their empire.  The vanguard found out early on in their existence that they would outgrow their current power supplies and knew they would never be able to keep up with demand.  Vanguard civilians and military consume a lot of power that the need for star harvesters came into play.  Vanguard scientists spent a couple thousand years researching the the technology needed for it. …Enj0y the article! See you guys after the holidays!

The vanguard begin by finding a star that is forming or about to go nuclear.  Then they use a special drone ship which can stabilize the star’s field and keep it from exploding.  The drone then proceeds to process the energy it is receiving and storing it for transfer later.  Vanguards are able to milk these starts for hundreds of years, sometimes thousands depending on the size of the star when it was found.  The process isn’t always successful and in 0.001% of the time a star will become unstable and no matter what the drone ship does, it blows up causing a huge shock wave that will destroy any ship in the area.  Shields on ships cannot protect the ships from the blast as the blast is one of the most powerful events of all time.

The second way the vanguard harvest a star is by making them.  This process has no failure rates as the vanguard are able to closely monitor the star and give it what it needs to become a success star to harvest.  This process does take a bit longer than the first option but is more reliable.  This process can be done anywhere as long as the drone ship making the star has adequate supplies.  The first option limits the vanguard as they can only harvest the star where they find it.  This option allows them to start the process anywhere.  This option doesn’t produce as much energy but because it is safe and can be made anywhere the vanguard employ this method more often than option 1.

That was pretty much it, not much else to say about it.  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like the fan page and share it with your friends and family!  See you guys after the holidays!


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2 Thoughts on “Vanguard Star Harvester

  1. Some interesting ideas here!
    How will they generate enough energy to make a star though? And how will they make an energy profit out of a created star? Couldn’t they use the energy better for their space ships or something like that?

    • The purpose of the star harvester is to collect energy. These stars produce a ton of energy, enough energy to power entire planets and entire fleets. The vanguard believe in clean energy and don’t use fuels that pollute. People and animals pollute enough, so the vanguard to lower their impact on planets they use star harvesters to produce clean energy. The vanguard sells this energy to allies or planets that need it, but the energy used for their own cities and people cost so little that people barely notice the bill. The vanguard empire focuses not on making profits on their own people, but by balancing expenses with income to live in a balanced world instead of a world where profit and greed take over.

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