OK, a user commented earlier and asked why the vanguard evolution doesn’t affect women.  I was going to respond to the comment in detail about this but felt an article is better suited for the task.  I hope you enjoy, and remember, please share the blog! 

When the vanguard evolved into what they are now they realized their bodies went through an extraordinary change.  The men became super strong, fast, and their souls evolved into a powerful weapon.  Vanguard males were able to do things that were once scientifically impossible!  If a vanguard was made into a champion he could bring people back from the dead.  For regular vanguard males, they can use their energy from their souls to heal others.  Also, their energy provides them with air, food, energy, everything they need to survive.  This evolution is what made the vanguard god-like.  This is also why they were cursed with the underworld.  The vanguard god did like not this and in his mind viewed this as betrayal.  The vanguard god viewed this as the vanguard trying to be god’s themselves and mocking their god by saying “We can become like you without your help.” However, the women were spared this curse as the process which made the vanguard males “Gods” didn’t work so well on the women.

Women who undergone this process showed the same signs as the males.  They were stronger, faster, and became god-like.  The problem was that females lost the ability to have children and give birth.  The process pretty much removed their womb and replaced it with muscle.  Vanguard scientists spent many years trying to figure out how to correct this but failed.  So, the women who had undergone the process which was less than 50 were put to death.  The reason being is the vanguard didn’t want their genes to pass on somehow to other women.  The vanguards were afraid their women would become sterile and even though no proof could prove this, but the vanguard government decided to leave nothing to chance.

Vanguard scientists however were able to modify the process to give women some good traits.  The women did become slightly stronger, smarter, aging slowed down just like the males, and their souls provide more power but not enough for the women to harness it.  The souls in women provides some food, air, no healing abilities, and no way of controlling it. The vanguard were bummed by this as they wanted to make their entire race powerful, but had to settle for half of it.  Eventually, the problem was no longer looked into and vanguard society just moved on and viewed this new way of life as how its supposed to be.  Males go out and fight, and women take care of the homestead.

I hope this clears everything up.  As always, if you have questions just comment below!


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5 Thoughts on “Vanguard Women Physiology

  1. Kaylah on January 8, 2014 at 11:30 pm said:

    That’s interesting. Seems like it is going to be an interesting story. You have a very creative mind. Good luck on the rest of your book.

  2. As interesting as this new traits are to the men, there must be some way to incorporate one hidden powerful woman. The only reason I suggest this is because you have sentenced the Vanguard women to death so that they do not pass on the wombs of muscle, but how then can the men not go on passing genes to their daughters? Unless the children-rearing parents are able to immaculately conceive (which could be possible with their “God” like ways) the men would still pass on some genes to the children, no?

    • You bring up a good point. The genes passed on have been modified. Vanguard scientists knew that the process would undoubtedly pass onto women naturally so the DNA code was changed in a way that it was sort of locked. For example, when a software is made, the code for the software is encrypted so no one can mess with it or steal it. The same thing was done with the vanguard genes. Male part of the code was locked so when a male was created in the womb the code would create a male and everything that entails. The same process goes for women as well. The genes that would undoubtedly give them the powers of men were suppressed and locked away in the genes.

      Though, this does cause some problems. Every so often due to this process a runt if born. Majority of the runts, almost 100% are males. Females rarely give birth to a female runt because the female body wasn’t modified that much. Since the male body has so many enhancements, sometimes certain genes in the males can be locked causing them to be runts. The genes become twisted and the vanguard unfortunate to be a runt has diminished power and strength. It is still rare in general for a runt to be born but when it happens, they are more likely males.

      One such runt happens to be Supreme Commander Elrik.

  3. Montagh on February 6, 2014 at 4:13 am said:

    This is a very in-depth back story you have. It’s something I haven’t seen before and I look forward to what’s next. I sense several story beats that will crop up because of all this.

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